Guest Top Ten List

The Art History Blog is a collection of articles, reviews, and news about art, art history, and museums, written by a group of art-obsessed undergraduates. This list--which covers  many facets of art, museums, and art historical scholarship--represents this group's most-read RSS feeds.

Top 10 Art History and Museum Blogs

Art Blog by Bob

Written by a self-proclaimed art history amateur, this blog is always thoroughly-researched and accessible read.

Art History Newsletter

Written by graduate students of art history, this academic blog posts news and summarizes recent scholarship in the field.

Brooklyn Museum of Art Blog

One of the forerunners of museum technology, the Brooklyn blog posts about the art and happenings of the institution.


Updated frequently and on everything from art criticism to museum news, this blog covers the art world with determination and professional spunk.

Indianapolis Museum of Art Blog

A refreshingly casual—but still well-researched—take on the museum blog from another technologically-savvy institution.

Museum 2.0

An extremely well-written and well-researched blog with resources, ideas, and thought-provoking questions for museums and their staff.

New Curator

A UK blog that's universal and a great mix of news and opinion about art history and museums.

Walker Blogs

The family of blogs from this forward-thinking institution post on everything from new media to museum education.

Your Daily Art

A simple, long-running blog that does exactly what its title suggests: Short and sweet posts that showcase a work of art a day.

An excellent online art history textbook full of information and podcasts, with a great blog attached.